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Device Encryption Enterprise - versions and updates...


I am just re-visiting a Device Encryption project which was set up a year ago and has been happily running away...

I'm afraid I've been on other projects, so would appreciate a brief update as to where the product is, now that McAfee have had the safeboot product for a couple of years.

I'd like to check versions ,etc. as it looks an absolute minefield!  If I 'check for updates' from within Safeboot Admin it reports no updates available, if I check the downloads page associated with our grant number then it lists multiple versions (see pasted list below)

Basically we installed Device Encryption from the Build 5400 iso image - this reports as version 5.1.6

It looks to me like the latest build is 5701 - docs state 5.1.8, but modules.txt reports 5.1.9

My confusion lies with the other downloads e.g. Endpoint Encryption for PC v5.2.3, even v6?

Would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction?  Our aim is to update the device encryption components (which we use for laptops) and look to implement (the former) port control elements for usb/cd-r, etc. lockdown and control via ePO

Many thanks


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Re: Device Encryption Enterprise - versions and updates...

Not really sure what your question is...

Version 5.2.3 is the latest v5 version.

Version 6.0 is the first ePO-integrated version,  but is only for new deployments.  If you are interested in upgrading an existing deployment, you'll have to wait until at least v6.1

Re: Device Encryption Enterprise - versions and updates...

Great, thanks for that. So it looks like for now we can just upgrade to 5.2.3 using the files included in Endpoint Encryption Manager v5.2.3 and will have to wait for 6.1 to gain integration with ePO



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Re: Device Encryption Enterprise - versions and updates...

For upgrade to 5.2.3 you would need two components: EEM 5.2.3 and EEPC 5.2.3, not Manager alone.

Integration with ePO exists in 6.0 and also existed in some late 5.x versions. What is missing in 6.0 is the migration tools, for someone who wants to migrate from 5.x to 6.x, without reinstalling and re-encrypting of each client machine. That might happen later, in 6.1 or even 6.2.

on 12/8/09 11:17:04 AM EST

Re: Device Encryption Enterprise - versions and updates...

So, 12 months on, has anything really changed...?!? Where is 6.1 or 6.2, whatever we need to integrate our existing deployment into our existing ePO....?!?

We upgraded our setup to 5.2.5 back in July, but are still keen to get this migrated into our ePO....

Our downloads just show




My search for answers brings up such documents as:

The 'DataSheet' ( still doesn't have any reference to versions (a common McAfee tactic - obfuscating their lack of development)

Supported environments for Endpoint Encryption Manager on Microsoft Windows (

Can I upgrade Endpoint Encryption for PC 5.x to Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.0? ( - Apr2010

What is the earliest version of Endpoint Encryption for PC that can be migrated to Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.1? ( - Aug 2010

Anyone any ideas if/when this functionality will be available?



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Re: Device Encryption Enterprise - versions and updates...

EEPC 6.1 is supposed to be the version that allows migration from EEM to EPO.

Haven't seen it yet. Hoping to upgrade by the end of next year, meaning that McAfee should release before mid-year.

Re: Device Encryption Enterprise - versions and updates...

Yes, that was our plan 12 months ago...!

I've just received an email from McAfee support stating

"The sales engineer that works with our encryption stack told me via email that EE 6.1 will be released in Q1 2011."

Based on past experience that means (possibly) May/June, so you might just hit your timescales.

I cannot find any reference since 'SafeBoot's forum post in October (2010 😉 where he stated it was just finishing 'internal testing' (presumably the nth version as the prior 6.1 beta seemed to have been scrapped)....

I'm afraid I have absolutely no faith in McAfee's schedules - they seem to be deliberately obtuse when it comes to product updates and releases.

These are supposed to be 'Enterprise' class products, though how though of us that manage enterprise IT environments are meant to plan, schedule and implement projects with such sparse information is beyond me.

As an external consultant I'm afraid I no longer find it possible to honestly recommend McAfee products...  Sad, but born out of painful experience

Unfortunately some customers are left in the lurch with the products, and with no budget to move to another product just have to put up with this poor level of service (or total lack of service as those customers with LinuxShield 1.5.1 and SLES10SP3 found out...)

Come on McAfee, up your game - try maintaining your existing products and commitments instead of rushing to push out .0 releases with "vapourware" promises....

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Re: Device Encryption Enterprise - versions and updates...

try maintaining your existing products and commitments instead of rushing to push out .0 releases with "vapourware" promises....

eer - 5.24, 5.25, 5.26, 6.0 Patch 1, 6.0 Patch 2....

Which product are you thinking we didn't maintain? If anything there seems to have been more releases than normal... Quarterly if not more often?

I am guessing you, or your customers have not participated in the customer advisory meetings and betas, and perhaps don't have Platinum support - I can only apologize that you feel out of the loop. Most of the people I work with are a) disappointed that 6.1 is taking time to get right b) happy we're taking time to get 6.1 right c) quite happy with their existing v5 implementations and in no rush to migrate.

In fact, a significant portion of the Encryption customer base is not even on EPO 4.5+ yet - they are waiting to get 4.6 in house I imagine.

If your customers are not in that crowd, I suggest you connect them with their McAfee account team so they can get onboard and know what's going on. We're usually quite happy to talk about how the project is going under NDA etc, just not publicly, and not as part of a sales conversation.

Re: Device Encryption Enterprise - versions and updates...

"eer - 5.24, 5.25, 5.26, 6.0 Patch 1, 6.0 Patch 2...."

minor point releases for bug fixes, and patches for things supposed to be in the original product.... wouldn't expect anything less!

What I'm referring to is functionality and integration features promised 3 YEARS ago...Sure it takes some time, but years....?!?

No, the customer isn't in 'focus groups' and doesn't have a direct relationship with McAfee - do you really think all customers do?!? what are your distribution channels for? Where do you think these 'end' customers get their information? (BTW, the software in this instance came from a centralised, national agreement - look what we decided you should use in your infrastructure... go implement.... quickly...!)

This is a small team, looking after tens of sites, with thousands of users, thousands of desktops and hundreds of laptops - it's a struggle to maintain and manage - consolidated, centralised management is what is required.....They don't have time for focus groups, betas and cosy one to one relationships with the dozens of vendors they have to work with. Like thousands of others they rely on what information is available - web, kb and McAfee support (and occasionally these forums! 😉

"Which product are you thinking we didn't maintain?"

That would be LinuxShield 1.5.1  - I know it's not relevant to this forum, but it is a McAfee product and another instance where something was promised and delayed by quarters... not months. (Background info, LS 1.5 dropped support for SLES10 when SP3 was released  (yes, a support pack, not a new release of the OS!) - "Don't worry, said McAfee, we're just about to release LS 1.6, which will support it".... more than 6 months later 1.6 finally became available....)

Please take a look at the ground, not the CIO/CTO ivory tower perspective - you have to consider what information those who actually work with the product get... take a look at the out dated KB articles, lack of version info in documents, etc. - this is what the workers have to deal with...(the best info is actually found in the forums, often posted by yourself, but even that is sparse...)

Please consider those of us doing the shovelling!

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