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Device Encryption Deployment v 5.2.0

I am currently working on a large future deployment of McAfee Device Encryption 5.2 to a variety laptop and desktop systems. Before attempting deployment, I am researching possible issues with each system type to determine possible problems with the various systems. Does anyone know of an issue list for the bottom table or know of any issues for each system type?

392 System Deployment List:

15 - Compaq 500
136 - Compaq 510
14 - Compaq 530
6 - Compaq 7100
1 - Compaq DC 7100
1 - Compaq Evo D500
1 - Compaq Evo D515
12 - IBM M52
15 - Lenovo M5
24 - Lenovo M57
3 - IBM T23
1 - IBM T30
7 - IBM T42
33 - IBM T43
33 - IBM T60
43 - IBM T61
1 - IBM IX40
19 - Lenovo M58
26 - Lenovo T400
1 - Lenovo X301

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RE: Device Encryption Deployment v 5.2.0

You need to be more specific. In some cases problems occur on specific builds. You need to reference full Model number, Type and BIOS revisions.
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RE: Device Encryption Deployment v 5.2.0

McAfee released MEE 5.2.1 recently. I would advise do a full fledged research on for MEE issues and don't forget to check the release notes as well. Those are of great help.

Below are few notes (may include some resolved old issues) I make aware of my client prior to starting the project:

- Doesn’t support software based dynamic disks. Not tested in hardware RAID
- HP notebook PCs with SATA hard disks (HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile
Workstation, HP Compaq nc8430 Notebook PC, and HP Compaq nx8420
Notebook PC) - Check BIOS version
- Run CHKDSK utility prior to encryption
- Every machine should have a unique name
- Minor restart issues with HIPS installed
- Issue with SD cards on Dell D420 and D430
- NLG3500 card
- LENOVO M57 machines hanging at boot before launching PBA
- RIM Media Manager – EEFF incompatible
- Core Ventura Image – EEFF incompatible
- Live file system in Windows Vista – EEFF incompatible
- Roxio CD/DVD

- A
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