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Deploy eepc via EPO, no auto reboot

Has anyone deployed the EEPC client through EPO 4.x w/o automatically restarting the client machine? When creating the install set it says that the "automatically restart machine options must be checked. If they are not then the install to the client machine will fail."  Would it be possible to add a command line switch when setting up the client task in EPO?

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Re: Deploy eepc via EPO, no auto reboot

You can deploy it without the auto reboot. ePO will prompt for a reboot when the package is done.


Re: Deploy eepc via EPO, no auto reboot

I've tried configuring the Encryption install file w/o the auto reboot and deploying, but EPO does not prompt for a reboot. Even after a manual reboot the encryption package is not installed. I read that the EPO installer is unable to interact with the desktop and that was why the epo deploy had to be silent and the reboot automatic. I thought that someone might have found a way around this.

Re: Deploy eepc via EPO, no auto reboot

My apologies, the deploy and install did finally complete and I was prompted for a reboot. Thank you

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