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Dell Optiplex Series

Has anyone encrypted a Dell Optiplex series desktop with EEPC 5.2.4 successfully?


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Re: Dell Optiplex Series

We have a small number of Dell Optiplex 740 (or 740 enhanced) PCs encrypted, most are actually 5.2.5 (previously 5.1.8), but mine is on 5.2.11.

we've generally not done desktops except in "vulnerable" locations (or test purposes in my case).

As well as 740, there may be a couple of 745 and or 380 Optiplex models covered too.

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Level 7

Re: Dell Optiplex Series

We have encrypted the entire range of Optiplex with 5.2.3 - everything from 740 up to the 390s.So far, so good, but do pay attention to the SATA mode. The workable setting can vary based on model.

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