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Database - Server Move

Our Safeboot(MEE) Server 5.1.6 is based on old equipment and the server lost a drive controller for its Raid 1 set up a couple of days ago. As the server is a fossil and is currently on borrowed time and a single disk, I would like to move the Safeboot Manager and database to a more modern (and reliable) server. I've followed the methodology of upgrading a server. I've backed up the SBData and copied the 2 required ini files from SBAdmin. I've added these as prescribed on the new server after having installed a new, updated version of safeboot (5.7.1) and have logged in to the Endpoint Encryption Manager successully and can see all device and user records displayed ok. The new server obviously has a different server name and ip address to the old one so I intend to rename this to the old servers name and assign the existing IP to the new server. As I cannot test communication from the new server to the existing clients beforehand before hand, can anyone see any problems with my methodology? 

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Re: Database - Server Move

if you are in a pinch, just copy the entire SBAdmin directory stuff over - no need to reinstall. If you run up the sbdbserver and start it as a service, it will reinstall all the registry keys.

Yes, once you rename the dns/ip, you should be good to go again - there's nothing in the registry other than connector schedules and window positions that you need to worry about.

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Re: Database - Server Move

Thanks for the advice, I'm going to take the fossil down gracefully next week and bring the new one up after restoring the up to date database, so fingers crossed

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Re: Database - Server Move

Due to OS restrictions and old hardware, I need to move the Safeboot 5.x-based server I'm responsible for as well. I'm also going to backup the sbdata folder and copy/restore it to the new server, the old server will then go down and the new server will be renamed to what the old server was.

What 2 .ini files were you referring to in the SBAdmin folder?

Is there anything else to be done outside of what you've described?

The steps, as I understand them, are this:

  1. Install admin console on new server
  2. stop SafeBoot services on original server
  3. Copy SBdata from original to new
  4. Copy .ini files from SBAdmin folder (which ones? All of them?)
  5. Bring down original server
  6. Rename DNS name/change IP address on new server to match original server (reboot required, right?)
  7. Start applicable services on new server
  8. Install Web recovery stuff

Is that correct?

Two other things:

1) when you say "SBAdmin folder" - what folder do you mean? My SBAdmin.exe file is in my Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Manager folder

2) I'm going from a 32 bit Win2000 server to 64 bit Win2008 r2 - is that going to screw things up?

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