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DLP agent on client not working as expected

I have successfully created tag rules and protection rules on the EPO DLP policy manager and
the DLP agent has been deployed to clients. However when I try to violate one of the DLP policies nothing ever happens, no events show up in DLP monitor, no blocking, nothing. I've read the manual, but it just does not seem to work. I've tried many different combinations of user assignment, different types of protection policies, but it appears that the DLP agent just sits there on the client and does nothing..
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RE: DLP agent on client not working as expected

Same Here, I did everything as it was told in product guide, but nothing seems to work. Any help guys?
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Level 10

RE: DLP agent on client not working as expected

describe tag location rule more in detail...

For example:

1. Application Based tag location rule. Name - TEST RULE
2. Where are the files located? - Network File Servers, \\server\test share
3. restrict rule to certain file types - Apply this rule to all file types
4. restrict rule to certain extensions? - Apply this tag to all file extensions
5. which text patterns should be contained in files? - Do not check for matching text patterns
6. how do you want to tag? - apply "test" tag
7. location based tagging rule is enabled - yes\no?

when we copy the file from test share to pc with enforced dlp policy tag must apply to the file.
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