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DE7.1 & Dell Venue 11 Tablet

Just had my first experience in getting DE 7.1 to work with a Dell Venue 11 tablet. The encryption worked as expected. The only hitch is the McAfee DE on screen keyboard wouldn't work, the PBA login screen wasn't going full screen and I couldn't get the shift key to register on either a USB keyboard or the included keyboard for the tablet. I upgraded the BIOS on the tablet to a release from April 25th of this year. The BIOS was already at A11 and Windows 8.1 was installed.  A colleague mentioned that he'd done some Googling and it seems others have run into this issue with this tablet. Has anyone gotten one to work with the onscreen keyboard? We decided to abandon this for the moment and see if we can get a test tablet to try to figure these items out.

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Re: DE7.1 & Dell Venue 11 Tablet

DE 7.1.1 supposedly fixes an external mouse problem with the Venue 11s, but I haven't tested it yet.

Here's a list of the issues I've found with the Venue 11:

In order to pass the McAfee pre-boot environment checker ( the following settings need changing in the BIOS setup:

1: Turn On Legacy ROM

2: Turn Off Secure Boot

3: Set Fastboot to Thorough

Drive Encryption 7.1 installs ok, but needs the on-screen keyboard forced on in the “Log On” tab of the Drive Encryption 7.1.0 “Product Settings” ePO policy

Given the high resolution of the Venue 11’s screen, everything appears too small.  Tweaking the screen resolution settings from “Auto” in the ePO policy to various other settings makes no difference.

In the pre-boot environment, the shift key doesn’t work on the attached keyboard.

As remarked by Marll on this Spiceworks community thread (, “the touchscreen is so dodgy that you have to tap the screen 3-4 times in any given spot to use the on screen keyboard, or highlight fields”. Entering a password under these conditions is a highly stressful and likely unsuccessful experience, which leads to a password recovery process virtually every time a user attempts to log in using the touchscreen.

Even though there are two batteries listed in Windows 8.1’s Power Manager, only one charges, and with the AC adaptor plugged in the battery seems to discharge faster than it charges.

The device has a tendency to ‘black screen’ when plugged into the external keyboard, and only a power reset wakes it up.

So, in summary, I haven't had much fun with them.



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Re: DE7.1 & Dell Venue 11 Tablet


Didn't think to run the Pre Environment Checker.........need to remember to do that.

Everything you explained is what I ran into. Guess I am glad to see that this is a known issue. I will check out the Spiceworks thread in the meantime. The powers that be have ordered another one of these tablets, so I'll be able to play around with it a bit more. If I come across any revelations, I'll post back with my findings.

Thanks for the reply. 

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Re: DE7.1 & Dell Venue 11 Tablet

The A12 BIOS should fix the shift key problem with the external keyboard, but I'm told that the onscreen keyboard remains pretty unusable.

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Re: DE7.1 & Dell Venue 11 Tablet

Just to confirm, in our environment 7.1.1 does not appear to have made much of a difference. it seems to register 2 of every 3 touch presses from the pre-boot screen.

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