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D: Drive not accessible (Drive become unformatted.)

I support a small group who uses a slightly none standard setup, and they are experiencing a issue that I think could be related to drive encryption.

These users run the standard EI Windows 7 desktop, but have two hard drives.   The first is the one that came with the HP.   The second drive is a 2TB drive that is used to run virtual machines (Windows 8 and 10)

We started rolling out these machines over the last two weeks, and have had reports on the initial roll-out that the second hard drive was unformatted.   At the time my thought was that it was just a issue with the preparation process since its manually intensive.

One of the users who has had their new machine for awhile logged in .on Saturday, and the second drive is now unformatted.

Can anyone know how to find out the cause/info about it.

EEPC 7.1


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Re: D: Drive not accessible (Drive become unformatted.)

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Re: D: Drive not accessible (Drive become unformatted.)

Duplicate thread - locking.


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