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Creating a SafeTech USB bootable disk

I have attempted top create a SafeTech boot disk on a USB drive and when I click on the option, I do not get an error. It created the boot disk and the files bootsec.rtt and safetech.rta. I copied the machine configuration file to the USB drive, tried to boot from the USB and I get a message that it is missing the operating system.

I have created a bootable USB before, but only once with my other USB stick. 

What am I doing wrong ?

Do I need to create a blank partition on the USB ?

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Level 10

Re: Creating a SafeTech USB bootable disk

Seem like the USB not bootable.. You need to make the USB bootable..

There multiple option on how to do it..

However I would suggest using syslinux tools which much configurable and it's has module that can load flopy images or .iso images..

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