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Convert UnManaged Device Back To Managed

Hey Everyone,

I have a small issue I'm hoping someone out there has run into before. I had a managed McAfee ZF USB Biotoken that had its Read Only partition wiped clean (probably from it being removed while in use, I saw a KB on that happening) and I used the Unmanaged package to try and get the RO section back to normal. Now hindsight being what it is I know how totally wrong it sounds but at the time it made sense . I did't type in RECYCLE as the management code and assumed it would just copy over the RO partiton and all would be good. The process worked but now ePO reports the device as being UnManaged (shocking right?). I've taken copies of the RO partition from other managed devices and restored those to the token but I'm getting the same results.

I'm wondering if anyone has  had any experiance with this and how they fixed it. I'm thinking maybe if I revoke the device and repersonalize it maybe it would work but I don't want to make the situation any worse. Thanks!


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