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Control Identifiers for SSO

I was wondering if anyone has worked with the control identifiers for the SSO and can explain how they work. I am trying to figure out what the numbers stand for and how to use the preceeding and following options. Within the SBGina.ini file I see the following enteries and they vary based on the gina used:

; The control identifiers of controls that are used by the SSO module to
; simulate logons.

; Optional entries which list up to 10 IDs that must come before the ID
; specified above and up to 10 IDs that must come after. The IDs are specified
; as a comma-seperated list.




Thank you for any help you can provide.
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RE: Control Identifiers for SSO

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RE: Control Identifiers for SSO

Thanks for the recommendation M.Taylor Smiley Happy

I'll expand a bit on Control IDs for you. The Control ID (CTRLID in the SBGINA.INI) is an internal numeric identifier that the Operating System gives to each control in a window. The easiest way to get this ID for your login windows is to enable tracing (which I go over in my other post linked to above) and then to get them from the log file. Remember that the label before a text box has an ID as well, so usually the text box is the ID after it. So when you see:

Text : "&User name:"
Class : "Static"
ID : 1506

Text : ""
Class : "Edit"
ID : 1502

It means that the 1506 ID is for the label "User Name" (which is pretty useless to you), and the control after it with ID 1502 is the actual text box.

Extra Credit:

If you're interested, you can see controls for other applications you run. There are plenty of tools to do this, I use the "AutoIt Window Info" tool that comes with AutoIt3. You can download it for free here:

You can't really use that on a login window since you wouldn't be able to run the tool before you login, but you can kind of see how a window is setup. This really isn't the purpose of AutoIt, just a need side effect.
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RE: Control Identifiers for SSO

Thank you both for the information and tips.

I will try it out an see what results I get and will get back to you on the results.
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