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Concerns on increasing SBFS


My present client has asked me to add more than 1600 users (1 AD group) to a set of few hundred encrypted rugged laptops. The users are field technicians and they will be sharing the device. So their IDs should be cached in all those few hundred devices. I tried to discourage adding so many users to each and every device, but could not do much. I initially tested adding more than 700 users to a machine policy and checked (in the sync status) of how much of SBFS, these 700 users occupy. I found that they approximately occupied 7 to 7.2 mb of space. So I thought for 1600 users, the default 20 MB SBFS should be sufficient. But just as a caution, I increased the SBFS to 40 mb (by editing defscm.ini) and I felt, that should give enough room for 1600 users.

Unfortunately when i was trying to deploy that in the first set of machines, the sync status showed the new users cannot be added after few hundred and SBFS free space showed 0 MB. My question is I know the current versions of McAFee EE (5.2.3) can even accomadate 512 Mb for SBFS (though I'm not planning to increase to such a number), what would be

1) A reasonable SBFS file size?

2) What if I have the SBFS size to 100 MB, are there any documented problems that I should be cautious about?

3) Since I could not keep changing SBFS after I create the installation sets, I would like to know what are the consequences of increasing SBFS to say 100 or even 200 MB?



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Re: Concerns on increasing SBFS

you might want to check indeed that your SBFS is 40MB (look in the client log, or the file c:\safeboot.fs). But the per-user space will change depending on things like the number of local recovery questions etc.

A Bigger SBFS is ok, it just takes longer to generate. 100MB  should be enough for you though.

remember with 1700 users per machine, there will be a lot of network traffic when they start changing their passwords - each change has to be sent to every other machine...

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Re: Concerns on increasing SBFS

And all known password issues when users use multiple encrypted PC's...Never mind SSO...

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Re: Concerns on increasing SBFS


You mention the size depends on the number of local recovery questions, now this may seem like a dumb question.... .....but does size increase again if the users have populated the questions with answers, or, is it the case that once you turn the local recovery on then there is no further hit on the SBFS free space ?

Reason I'm asking is I have an upgrade to 5.2.3 in test & I want to use local recovery, but my SBFS is 20mb on my existing clients.  Whilst I've been able to see a decrease in the SBFS free space after I've turned the local recovery on, what I cant tell is what, if any, additional decrease I'm going to see when users start to answer the questions.

Many thanks.

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