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Computer/user association

I have a question as to what others are doing for adding users to machines.  We currently run a script to add the current user that is logged in to a machine when the Mcafee client is installed.  I was wondering if there was a better way to do this since we would like to start using unattended installs at night.  The account is manually purged when someone reimages and when machine gets added back ID gets added back at that point as well.   Is there a way to link to database to create that association to machine and userID?


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Re: Computer/user association

Are you using the AutoDomain script to provision your users? If so that really is the 'best' way for the EMM Managed deployments. When it works that is

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Re: Computer/user association

"when it works" ?!?

Oh my! how insulting!

You must be using one of the earlier versions? From what I hear, 5.61 is pretty much bulletproof now.

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