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Can we incress log size in McAfee EEPC ?

Dear All,

I am facing "Insufficient Memory error in Safe Boot" issue for several Safe boot client machines.Normally i am performing AuditLog.Dat file deletion by following steps.

1. Boot the client with a WinTech CD.
2. Open WinTech, and authenticate with the daily access code.
3. Navigate to SafeBoot and select Mount SBFS as Drive and mount it.
4. Select A43 File manager.
5. Browse to the SBFS's drive as mounted in an earlier step.
6. Select the Audit folder.
7. Move or Delete the file named AuditLog.Dat.
But some cases,when booting with Wintech CD gives bluedump error .

Let us know how frequent and which basis the AuditLog.Dat getting full .Can we increase the log file size?


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Re: Can we incress log size in McAfee EEPC ?

the audit log is unlimited as is?

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