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Can't decrypt Sony Vaio VPCZ1


I have a Sony Vaio VPCZ1 that was encrypted with EEPC 5.2.4 and after a reboot the machine dont start, I need to access the data but I can't start the Bart PE cd with the wintech SW(bluescreen), I tried also the safetech boot disk but the program stays loading and don't start .... anyone have any ideas to access data….

This machine had 4 SSD disks raid 0, and we can't change the raid type.

EEM 5.2.9

EEPC 5.2.4

EFF 3.2.7

OS: windows 7 x64 SP1

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Re: Can't decrypt Sony Vaio VPCZ1

Most likely the bsod is related to the storage subsystem (did you capture the message?). You need to fix that, probably by including the right controller drivers in your bartpe image.

That I think is the only solution for you, or rebuild with WinPe - you'll still most likely need to include extra drivers though.

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