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RE: Can I clone a disk with Safeboot installed?

check once it's finished decrypting - if the pre-boot goes away then you'll be fine.



No preboot so went ahead and cloned the disk and resized at the same time using a free utility called HDClone.

Worked like a dream.

Now just need to get the Corporate Helpdesk to reactivate and encrypt the disk.

BTW I kept to one Partition.

Many thanks for your help.

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Other methods

There are faster ways of doing this with BartPE or WinPE.

For v4:
1. Add a SafeBoot application called DiskTech to the PE environment. This was an early version of WinTech that was backwards compatible with v4.
2. Boot to the PE environment
3. Launch DiskTech and authenticate
4. Choose Drive->Mount Drive, select the encrypted drive. The drive is now mounted and the data on it can be copied in decrypted form.
5. If you run Ghost on the drive at this point, it will take an image of the decrypted data. This means you won't have to worry about doing a RAW copy or including the MBR. It will be behave just as if the disk weren't encrypted.
6. You could also skip the Ghost operation and simply copy the data off to a network share or removable media. The data will copied in decrypted form.

For v5:
You can do the same, but the tool is called WinTech.

HDD cloning problem with Safeboot

Hi Guys,

hope you can help. I need to upgrade my HDD; however I have a copy of SB5.1 client version. This means I have no control to uninstall or no option. Everything is determined by the central SB server. They gave us a SafeTech disk but the Code of the Day takes 2-3 day for IT to reply... (sigh).

I tried Ac*** TI and cloned a HDD, but bootup SB error 92h

Can you guys tell me more about the BartPE or WinPE method?
I can't seem to fine the application DiskTech or WinTech.

I would like to try it.

thanks and cheers,


PS: those SOBs in the IT are just taking too much time to support. Each time we have a HDD crash we are out of action for 3-4 days. Even giving the Code of the Day to SafeTech takes 2 days. That's why I am taking my own precautions; have clone on standby and swap in the event. Please help.
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RE: HDD cloning problem with Safeboot

Obviously your drive is not dead, or you wouldn't be trying to clone it. I'm guessing that you are trying to replace the drive with a larger one. In that case, I would ask that they publish the decrypt/uninstall policy to your machine. Once this is complete, you can move your partition(s) to the new drive and have the software reinstalled.

RE: HDD cloning problem with Safeboot

Yes, you are right. My drive is not dead BUT I am trying upgrade to a larger hd. Oh brother... asking them to do something will take like forever.

Will cloning by raw method work?

RE: HDD cloning problem with Safeboot

You don't need WinTech, SafeTech, or the COTD to decrypt the drive, it can be done from the console. If all you need is data, I think you can also put your image on the new drive, slave the encrypted drive, use WinTech (within Windows) to unlock the slave drive and copy over the data you need. If you're looking to get the entire image, a raw clone should work.

RE: HDD cloning problem with Safeboot

Hi Chris,

thanks for the advice. Unfortunately my corporate SB version is the client only. Once I install there's no way I can remove it unless with SafeTech on a floppy and COTD. However I have success in cloning the drive finally

1. I downloaded a copy of EASEUS Disk Copy 2.3 in *.iso format

2. Burnt the *.iso to a CDROM booted my Thinkpad T42

3. Connected the New 250GB WestDigi in an Iomega ext. USD drive box

4. Sector by sector 3hrs 12 mins

Voilla!! ... done

However, the partitions are exactly the same size as the old drive. I just added the second partition to D:

cheers all.... a happy ending
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RE: HDD cloning problem with Safeboot


Obtaining the code of the day has been simple since April, you can get it online via the Mcafee ServicePortal. It takes less that a minute now.