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Can I change the Safeboot Pasword

Hi All,

Is it possible to change the Safeboot Password from the client end. if yes how?

situation: I have already logged to safeboot then to windows. Can I change the safeboot in windows?



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Re: Can I change the Safeboot Pasword

IF your settings have Set Endpoint Encryption password to Windows password on the General tab of your machine group that was used to create the install set...

Changing the Windows password via CTRL-ALT-DEL method should make your EEPC password match the Windows password.


The only other ways would involve checking the Change Password box when you logon.  This would be at pre-boot, depending on your logon type I guess, as we use Password Only Token.

Another option is if you have the miniAdmin utility.  Again, probably dependent on your logon type, as mine has a checkbox.

If by some slim chance, you have the scripting tools on the local machine, you could do ChangePasswordLocal command, which will change the current user's password locally, if you know the existing password.  I've never tried this method, so don't know whether it will sync this change up to the server.  It does not require a server connection to perform this command, so literally anyone with the proper scripting files could do this to themselves.  Most deployments will not include the scripting tools needed, as there are way too many other things the user might try to do.

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Re: Can I change the Safeboot Pasword

TechSecurityNate already explain on windows you need to check the policy in your EEM if possible for windows intragration..

If not then the other way is using recovery option click cancel on Authentication page and click on recovery option..

User recovery end user need to call site it/ servicedesk and give 16 challenge code to get challenge code to change password or..

by using local recovery - if you enable it end user can change their EEM password by answering 3 stored question..

Hope that help.

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