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Boot Failure. Stuck at disabling mouse...

I have a new HP Pavilion dv3000 that i am trying to install v5.1.9 (aka 5.1.8) to. The install seems to work as normal until the second reboot. At the preboot screen the keyboard does not work. After logging in with either the on screen keyboard or an external usb keyboard it sticks at a screen that says resetting hardware... disabling mouse...

The install set is an online install with only client files and stock theme selected.

Any Ideas?
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RE: Boot Failure. Stuck at disabling mouse...

check your client setting under the general tab, Look for Always enable preboot usb support. See if it is checked or not checked. Try putting the computer in it own container and play with turning that feature on and off and see if your problem goes away. I have seen some computers with that exact problem need the setting turned on. On the flip side, I have turned this feature on and caused the same problem on other computers. Thats why i say test that one computer in it own container.
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