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Block SATA with Port Control V2.2


Please can you tell me if it is possible to block SATA drives and smartcard ports with Port Control V 2.2 ?

I understand Devcie Control can and will upgrade shortly but need the restriction ASAP !



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Re: Block SATA with Port Control V2.2

grab a device list from a machine - if the item is in the list, then you'll be able to block it with port control.

Smart Cards don't exist as far as a PC is concerned, but smart card readers do - they are in the list for sure so yes you will be able to control them.

Why would you want to block SATA drives though? Won't that stop your machine booting?

The simplest thing (as this is dependent on your hardware) is for you to dump the device list from one of your machines, import it into a policy and take a look.

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