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Black screen/input devices not reacting: EEM 7.2.3 + Lenovo T470s + dock 40A1 + Logitech/Dell mice


Latest drivers have been installed via Lenovo Update tool.

However the issue that input devices are not reacting or black screen appears during pre-boot authentication still is present.

I think I have tracked it down to an incompatibility between Mc Afee Drive Encryption 7.2.3, the 40A1 dock, T470s laptops and (at least certain) Logitech mice.

 The mouse models that have been used for testing and have caused a black screen during pre-boot authentication:

Logitech M-UAE96

Dell MS111-P (controller probably manufactured by Logitech)


When using a Dell MS111-T it does not cause a black screen or the input devices not working properly.

I.e. it seems that McAfee was not able to load certain drivers properly on a T470s. When using a T460s laptop the error does not appear.

What would be the solution to get those mice working with EEM 7.2.3 and a T470s?


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McAfee Employee nyeshoda
McAfee Employee
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Re: Black screen/input devices not reacting: EEM 7.2.3 + Lenovo T470s + dock 40A1 + Logitech/Dell mi

Please try the below options.

1. Upgrade the BIOS and check if the issue is resolved.
2. Check for the drivers for the Docking station and mouse which is been used and upgrade it.
3. use the Hardware Compatibility Settings tool for Drive Encryption 7.1 Patch 1 and later
4. Refer


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