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Best Setup (Slow Logins)

Hi All

First time Poster so be nice

I have been tasked with setting up MEE (Build 5701) and i have started to go through this Lone ranger style for now.

Initially All seemed fine and i was able to use the AD connector to import some users and encrypt a netbook with no issues.

I then reconfigured the AD connector to pull in all our AD users and Apply them all to one group.

I then created an install set for the group which contained all the AD users. This is Approx 6000 users.

When i installed this onto another NB (Had to increase the FS aswell) it took over 9 hours to complete initally. Now this i thought was down to how many users.

My biggest problem is this. When this laptop is powered on it takes roughly 5 mins before you even get the Pre-boot login (Just a blue progress bar, after starting the McAfee Pree boot section) Then a username is entered and again it seems to become unresponsive for a few minutes until finally booting. then at login to windows there is another few minutes of unresponsiveness before finally gettin into the system.

I know you may ask if i need all users to be able to log on and in theory yes i do as we will be mainly using this on a pool of laptops that "Could" be used by anyone of them.

I have read through the following and it seems that the system should be more than capable of handling that many users.

Is there anything i can do to dramatically increase the speed of the system for the user. Even if the install does take this long its not major because IT can set it running over night but once the user has it in their hands they will not want that sort of delay..


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Re: Best Setup (Slow Logins)

Sorry, which part of that document indicates how many users you could assign to each machine?

You probably misinterpreted some info.

Re: Best Setup (Slow Logins)

After re-reading the document i can see its talking about the Back-end server 5000-50000 users/computers.

Is there a recommended user count for each machine (Obviously the smaler the better) but for my scenario this may not do!



Re: Best Setup (Slow Logins)

IIRC, it's something like <20 users assigned to a machine.

If these are really "pool" laptops, I see 2 options (and hopefully other people can suggest more)

1. Use AutoBoot for these shared machines.

2. Create generic EEPC Ids to be used on these machines, and turn off SSO.

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Re: Best Setup (Slow Logins)

That is best practice (less than 20), but you can get away with probably a few hundred. Not recommended though, because of increased network load, potential for corruption and slower operation (as you have already noticed). EEv6 has built-in automatic detection of cached Windows users and can automatically assign them as EE users. So EE pre-boot cache will follow Windows user cache.

Re: Best Setup (Slow Logins)

Thanks both for this. I will take it back to management.

Could anyone offer some possible solution to the following.

If i go along the lines of using a smaller user group and a laptop is taken by someone who is not a member of that group.

What would be a good solution to enable that user to use the laptop without the need for it to be syncd first (They may be unable to get onto our network totally)

Obviously i could create a single logon for the laptop but i know that would be used constantly instead of being used by username. Is there away for a user to log in once with an account and then having to bring it back to network to update..

Any views


Re: Best Setup (Slow Logins)

To some degree Windows works the same way. If domain user never logged to a laptop that is given to him for a business trip, he won't be able to use domain credentials without access to network first. It's a known problem with cached credentials. Have your procedures tuned accordingly, that's the best approach. For shared account use a number of them (make them office-cetric) and change passwords from time to time, like every 3-6 months. Communicate passwords only to users that need them.

If you want to be more proactive, you may also look and adopt AutoDomain script written by Simon Hunt.

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Re: Best Setup (Slow Logins)

I'm not sure why you see this delay before the preboot screen - we have around 2000 users on PCs and don't see this.  A few weeks ago, we mistakenly had over 4000 users on each PC and heard no reports about slow startups.  We use desktops and laptops, so maybe it reflects an issue with the netbook model?

The initial download of users depends on the number of users, the load on the server and the speed of the network link.  With 6000 users, you should have a name index set up and you should follow the other suggestions in the best practices guide.

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