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Batch file - Create Self-Extractor

I would like to call the Create Self-Extractor function on files and folders I wish to encrypt, so that it works within a batch file.

i.e - I have a folder on the C drive that I usually have to right click>McAfee Endpoint Encryption>Create Self-Extractor (FILENAME)

Is there anyway to do this?

Happy for the GUI to appear, but can it be automated as we are encrypting the same folder every time and would like to automate for ease of use.

Can anyone help?
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Level 7

RE: Batch file - Create Self-Extractor

I have the same issue. I thought the function referred to in the self-extractor white paper where a windows explorer operation can automatically initate a self-extractor creation might do it, but I can't seem to find the setting or policy that governs this function. describes McAfee as working with system vendors to automate/integrate encryption of CDs/files - perhaps some of the McAfee readers know if/how this has been achieved?
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