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Autodomain skipping valid users

I am using autodomain 5.17 and having an issue with valid user profiles being skipped.

Skipped User (Domain not in DefaultGoodDomains list): "test" from the "user" Domain. Current good domains list is ",MYDOMAIN"

The issue seems to be that our users are in format firstname.lastname so when it processes test.user it thinks '.' is the separator for the domain and thinks 'user' is the domain.

Has anyone run into this issue before using autodomain?
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RE: Autodomain skipping valid users

I bet it will work if you do not specify any good domains. Can you leave that option in the autodomain.ini blank? Or do you need that functionality? This option was mean for specific use cases, so it is best to leave it off (blank) as it is by default.
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RE: Autodomain skipping valid users

due to the way Windows processes users, yes, any user name with a dot will be assumed to come from the domain name following the dot.
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