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Autoboot and EE secure screen saver

A little history (by the way, this is a stand alone system with no contection with EEM):  I had a customer with a machine that was encrypted with SB 4.2.1 with the autoboot function.  For some reason autoboot wasn't working.  In the client properties on EEM, I changed the client files to EEPC 5.2.4 and added the SBADMCL files.  I exported the configuration and sent it to the customer to save to the EEPC directory.  The autoboot function now works fine.

Now the secure screen saver initiates after only being in idle for a few seconds.  I went back to EEM and changed the client properties to disable secure screen saver, just to see if this would correct the issue, It doesn't.  Does anyone know why this happens?  Any solutions or advise?


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Re: Autoboot and EE secure screen saver

Did you checkmarked machine property "Do not lock workstation if no user is authenticated" ?

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