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$Autoboot$ Locked Workstation issue

I have an issue regarding the functionality of the $Autoboot$ user when the workstation locks. When I enter CTRL + ALT + DEL, I am being prompted by an EndPoint Encryption login screen. The only account that works here is the $Autoboot$ user which I don't want to supply to my user base. We are looking to shipping 2500 new machines in the next three months that will be encrypted with EndPoint Encryption with $Autoboot$ enabled. After the users are comfortable with their new machines, we are planning on removing the $Autoboot$ feature. Is there a way to prevent or bypass the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen from using the Endpoint.

We are currently using version 5.1.9 but I don't recall this behavior from previous versions of Safeboot / Endpoint Encryption.
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RE: $Autoboot$ Locked Workstation issue

turn off the windows login options - they make no sense if you are using $autoboot$ mode.
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