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Level 7 has the wrong manual inside

The download site for the autodomain tool, for version 5.6 it includes the manual for version 5.55.

Downloaded from here:

Anyone else notice this?


The instructions appear to have a typo in step 2.1 Installing the script -step number 4.

It says

Open acommand prompt and navigate to the EEM Directory (usually C:\Program Files\Mcafee\EndpontEncryption Administrator).

Run the command:

cscript.exe autodomain.vbs-configure

However the instructions prior to step 4 say to extract the into "C:\ProgramFiles\McaFee\Endpoint Encryption Administration\PowerTools "

Should we instead be running the cscript.exe from the path where we extracted the

C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Manager\PowerTools\Autodomain


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Level 21

Re: has the wrong manual inside

thanks for the notes - shows how few people read the manual

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