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AutoDomain Script Wildcard

Whe using the AutoDomain script does anyone know of a wildcard to exclude local accounts? Say that I want to exclude every local account that starts with N.

I tried these wildcards but it did not work.

SkipUsers= |Administrator|,|LocalService|,|All Users|,|Default User|,|NetworkService|,|Guest|,|systemprofile|,|emanager|,|$autoboot$|,|N."*"|

SkipUsers= |Administrator|,|LocalService|,|All Users|,|Default User|,|NetworkService|,|Guest|,|systemprofile|,|emanager|,|$autoboot$|,|N*|

SkipUsers= |Administrator|,|LocalService|,|All Users|,|Default User|,|NetworkService|,|Guest|,|systemprofile|,|emanager|,|$autoboot$|,|N"*"|

SkipUsers= |Administrator|,|LocalService|,|All Users|,|Default User|,|NetworkService|,|Guest|,|systemprofile|,|emanager|,|$autoboot$|,|*n*|

Any ideas?
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RE: AutoDomain Script Wildcard

RTFM ;-)

you can exclude all local accounts, but there's no option to use wildcards to exclude accounts. I suppose it could be added though - maybe a regex rather than wildcards though.

3.11 Option - DefaultGoodDomains
Name: DefaultGoodDomains
Section: Users
Purpose: A list of users to never process.
Default Value: "”
Range: Bar delimited list of domain name or domain SID values

Specifies a list of good domain names - users will be processed if their detected domain matches one on this list. The current user’s domain is automatically added.
To allow local users to be processed, use the “Local” keyword. You can enter either domain SID’s or text domain names, for example
You can also use the DomainNameIndex value to apply a SID>Domain Name lookup so you can use text names rather than SID values.
You should add at least the names of the common domains in your environment to ensure users are processed.
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