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Authentication Certificate - EERM v4.0

Does anyone know how to use certificate based authentication for EERM, I have a compatible certificate in the MS certificate store but EERM doesn't detect it, see attached screenshot.

I contacted McAfee support but they don't seem to know!

I wondered if anyone could help, if they use certificate based authentication with EERM.



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Re: Authentication Certificate - EERM v4.0

is this solve? how?

McAfee Employee nav_chakrapani
McAfee Employee
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Re: Authentication Certificate - EERM v4.0

Can you check if this Knowledge Base Article helps :

Re: Authentication Certificate - EERM v4.0

Im having a similar problem, is there a how to guide on how to get this up and running.  I have created the certificates and put them in all cert stores on the machine by they are still not listed when i want to encrypt a device.


Re: Authentication Certificate - EERM v4.0

Never mind the certifcate and key need to existing on the computer in the user Current User certificate repository.  I have placed mine in the Personal folder in certmgr.msc.

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