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Anyone running 5.1.7 (build 5500) yet

Anyone running 5.1.7 (build 5500) yet?

We like the new "local password recovery" feature with challenge response question, but the client has been giving us a lot of problems on new installs with getting encryption started. Existing clients upgraded to from 5.1.6 to 5.1.7 seem to fine. Its just the new installs. Anyone using 5.1.7 seeing this?:confused:
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RE: Anyone running 5.1.7 (build 5500) yet

I'm using 5.1.7, but in a pretty small test setup environment right now. So far my only problem with encrypting was one client that reported error "e0020009 - Unable to Get Disk Partition Information" with about 8 minutes remaining. I rebooted the client and it picked up where it left off without any issues.
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