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Aladdin eToken PRO 72K

Hello to everyone,

Just a quick question. Having problems getting these Tokens to work. I am using EEPC 5.2.4 and EEM 5.2.4 everything is fine with Passwords.

Purchased some Aladdin eTokens PRO 72K which are supported using Aladdin PKI Client 4.55. I cannot find any information about setting these up anywhere. I have setup similar tokens before and managed to get them to work using a McAfee guide. Aladdin are telling me to contact McAfee and I have logged a support call with McAfee and they are saying use the Aladdin Admin guide. I can issue the token to the user by setting the token password to 12345 with the PKI client and everything seems to be working. When I go into the PreBoot I select USB eToken and enter the username. Then I get the same error message which is "incorrect token for user" Error Code 0xe0010022. I have looked up the error message and it doesn't help. I am only using one token so it is the right one, it just doesn't work. Obviously I have installed the correct Installation Set and PKI client on the EE Client machine. These have been checked independantly I am going up the wall! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Russ

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Re: Aladdin eToken PRO 72K

1. are you trying to use them in PKI mode or storage mode?

2. if you're using them in PKI mode - did you set up your AD/LDAP connector to issue the token to the user?

3. What token option are you picking in the pre-boot screen?

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