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Level 9

After EEFF Installed network performance getting hang

Dear All,

We are having EEFF Ver. 3.2.4 installed in our environment. After the installation we are facing the problem in network performance. The machhine is having EEFF installed in it, when we tried to access files and folders from that machine from the network, it is getting very much slow or else the system is gettign hang sometimes it requires to restart then and then it works.The machine from which we are accessing do have client installed in it.In short network access is not possible. We already disabled "Enable Network Encryption" in the EEFF policy. but no luck. EEFF program files are alredy in AV exclusion.

Can someone help us in resolving the same.

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Level 9

Re: After EEFF Installed network performance getting hang

I have the same issue.

Anybody have solution ??

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