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Administration Resource Required?

Hello there. We're just starting to plan the implementation of EndPoint Encryption across our 1,000 plus users. The majority have Laptops which are not locked or restricted - users can connect any/all USB or PCMIA devices - iPods, Cameras, memory sticks, external drives, 3G Cards etc etc.

When EndPoint is deployed what 'admin' workload can we expect during rollout and then once steady state? How many Admin heads do you need to manage EndPoint in your organisation to support 100 (or 1000) users?? Any and all feedback very welcome!
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my 2 cents

I deploy/support 2000+ laptops. From my experience:
Initial Deployment:
- design strategy on deployment
- documentations for support staff
- 100% of my time

Your admin will need to design something as transparent as possible and automate all the processes as much as possible... i.e. how to assign new user to a new or old laptop... It's the best practice that to have a working sandbox to test the plan out...

Regular Maintenance (after roll out):
- new documentation for new problems, if not identify at deployment stage
- new version upgrade
- minimum of my time

You can have 1 part time admin and 1 part time backup, as long as your day-to-day support department has enough information to resolve the following issue like reset password, un-suspend account, data recovery… etc. before requiring your admin’s attention. Now day, I only receive few odd one, so I am a part time admin after deployment.

Note: However, if you do not have a regular day-to-day support department to hand any daily support issue, your admin work load will increase.
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RE: my 2 cents

If you haven't deployed any clients yet, be sure to upgrade your server and client install set to latest build (currently 5420). There have been a few significant fixes recently and it would be painful to deploy, encounter software problems, then try to immediately patch following deployment.

We support 5000+ machines with 3 part-time admins, which comes up to about 70% time of a single person. We have our help desk handle password resets and basic user assistance. They also run custom web-tools to prep a machine for reimage (rename to machine-RI and move it into the reimage container) and add/remove users from machines.
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