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AV scan of McAfee Dirve Encryption SSD from Live USB Drive

I think I have a virus on my machine which deletes randomly folders and file from the root drive, so it's a very agressive virus. My virus guard hasn't detected it unfortuantelly.

I want to scan my whole drive from a live usb linux with a different AV scanner, in order to detect the virus and find a solution how to eleminate it.

My problem is, that my drive is encrypted by mcafee drive encryption and I was wondering if I'm able to mount my encrypted drive with linux, or if I have to use a windows based live usb image.

I came to this question, because I've found a very old posting, regarding the same issue, but it might not be up-to-date anymore:

They recommended legacy Bart-PE...

I would be very thankfully for any help!


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