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AHCI - Unsupported accross the board?

I read that AHCI is unsupported however I am getting various results.

- HP Elitebook 2730 changed from AHCI in BIOS to IDE and now works

- HP ProBook 4720s with AHCI enabled and it's working

- HP ProBook 4415s with AHCI enabled getting errors

Is there some document that covers which models or BIOS versions are a problem? When they say that AHCI is not supported does that just mean you will have various results?  I need a plan of action on whether to start uninstalling encryption before I have major issues.

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Re: AHCI - Unsupported accross the board?

There's nothing unsupported about AHCI. Some BIOS's have a USB handback issue which people seem to associate with AHCI mode, but really the two are unconnected as far as EEPC is concerned.

The BIOS may show the bug more in AHCI mode though, that's conceivable.

Re: AHCI - Unsupported accross the board?

That is correct. Those two issues are currently most important for EEPC 5.x:

- disk access errors (especially in pre-boot)

- USB handling in pre-boot

Both are only partially resolved and poorly documented (as to what model PC's they affect).

So it is for customer diligence to test before use.

A step back, compare with SafeBoot 4.2.

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