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AD connector - change of domain

Hi there,

We are in the process of changing our domain name so we will need to create a new AD connector, however I orginally setup the AD connector to use the userPrincipalName as the username so will look like

Will the connector now create new accounts based on the new domain name?

If so; has anyone any suggestions how I could get round this? (except inventing a time machine and configuring the orginal connector to use the sAMAccountName instead of userPrincipalName)
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RE: AD connector - change of domain

if you are just changing the domain name, why do you need to create a new connector at all? Can't you just change the baseDN to match the new one?
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RE: AD connector - change of domain

Why not simply change the useraccounts to samaccountname? This way the usernames remain the same regardless of their UPN..

Just set the ad connector to samaccountname rather than upn, and run the connector.. This will rename the usernames to the samaccoutnames -- it will not create new users or reset their passwords or whatever..
Naturally, you would need to tell your endusers their loginnames have changed wink
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