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5.1.9 upgrade from 5.1.3

Hi All,

I am currently running a Safeboot v5.1.3 server and want to get updated to the latest version (I believe that is v5.1.9???). I have looked at the documentation that is released with the latest version and I can find the pdf detailing how to perform a clean update but not how to perform an update.

Can somebody point me in the right direction please?

I will probably have more questions once I have read the doc but I thought I should read the official documentation before posting those.

Thanks in advance

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admin guide

Look at the document that talks about upgrading from 4.2 to 5.x. Its pretty much the same process. Basically what you are gonna do is to take all services offline, copy the entire sbadmin folder to a safe location, install the program over the top selecting only the components you want to install. Once you have done this go to the tab and container that has all your filesets and right click. There is an option to update the filesets and all the new v519 ones will be in their. Import them in, start your services back up and associate the fileset with those you want to upgrade.

There is a checklist in the upgrade guide about doing this. just a note there is a glitch in the v5.1.9 where they report as 5.1.8 since technically they are the same according to what I have heard. you can edit an ini file to state v5.1.9 instead of v5.1.8 before you install to make this easier.
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RE: admin guide

Thanks Dvanmeter,

I've only just had a chance to try this in our test enviroment and the process is as you described and actually very simple. I'm planning on doing this on our live server tomorrow so fingers crossed!!!
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