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Where to find Spam Rule Definitions


I'm running GSD 7 with Patch 2 on our Domino Mail Servers. This has the anti-spam option enabled.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a definition of the spam rules that are being employed please.

For example, I've an email that's been marked which triggered the rules:


I can't seem to locate a definition of what each rule actual means, to be able to advise the sender (as I've been asked) what he/she needs to be looking at to prevent the system from marking them in the future.

Anyone know of a list or similar?.

Thank you

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RE: Where to find Spam Rule Definitions

Nowhere ... I think it was discussed in some thread here. McAfee didn't release this kind of info ...

Re: Where to find Spam Rule Definitions

Hello Ichapman,

McAfee cannot reveal the content of those rules for security reasons, however if you feel that the email is being flagged incorrectly can you please follow the instructions available in the McAfee KB article 59415 ?

Hope that helps.

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Re: Where to find Spam Rule Definitions

In GSE, this feature is not available and this could be a FMR.

Note that the SPAM rule definitions can be seen, if you have the Appliance Software (SIG 4.5 or EWS 5.x installed)

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