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To block forged emails with GSE


we're receiving quite a lot of spam and lot of emails are also spoofed one from "our" domain. I've checked a possibility to create such a rule in GSE 7 but found nothing helpful.
So is there a way how to stop external incoming traffic with our domain name and allow only internal one? We do not use edge server, all the traffic comes directly from firewall to exchange.
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RE: To block forged emails with GSE

I am aslo having a problem with this and would like some suggestions to help with the problem

RE: To block forged emails with GSE

couple things first

are the spoofed emails coming in with x-nai header information and a spam score? if so can you paste that info so i can see what is happening.
what version of exchange?
what version of groupshield?

RE: To block forged emails with GSE

actually I don't have that kind of email with me anymore, it happened to our CTO in past, not sure how thing's are now

but i do believe that that x-nai and also spam score was there but it was too low, like 2.5

exchange 2003 sp2 ent
gse 7.0.1 sp1
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