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McAfee added my domain in blacklist?

Hello all,

I just received an email from my domain registrant godaddy and says that one of my domains is added to MacAfee blacklist...I don't understand why, is just a normal domain with adsense ads and nothing more.

Godaddy just tells me that I must contact McAfee about that and here I'm.

How I can reverse that? is maybe some hosting problem? what must I do to clean the domain?

All help will be good for me because I don't know what to do..never have received this kind of emails that add some domain to blacklists..

Help please.

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Re: McAfee added my domain in blacklist?

try your domain/ips here against realtime database - create a login and submit a dispute on whichever domain\ip has issue. 

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Re: McAfee added my domain in blacklist?

Hello, thanks for answer aarmstro

Yes, I try that and send a ticket telling about that mistake, never have this problem before and don't understand why is added in blacklist.

Only hope that they can answer me, but I think that the better way is that any worker or admin can contact or answer here for a fast solution of this.

I check google search console about some infection or something and nothing, contact my hosting and must be some mistake or error.

We aren't even listed on blacklist check too.

If a domain is in blacklist....what happens?

Any help is much appreciated.

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