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MSME V8.5 allowing safe external senders to send attachments


Is there a way to configure MSME to allow senders that we know are safe, to send attachments ?.


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Reliable Contributor Aidan
Reliable Contributor
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Re: MSME V8.5 allowing safe external senders to send attachments

I will assume you have On Access Master policy that already has file filtering which is preventing these file attachments getting through.

Create a Subpolicy - based on the smtp addresses of the acceptable senders and in that sub policy, disable inheritance from Master Policy then disable the file filtering


Create a new file filter option in shared resources with a list of files which you may still want to block but don't add the ones you wish to allow them to send.

Then apply that new rule to the SubPolicy File Filtering.  (e.g. maybe you want to allow them to certain file types but still you don't want them to send bat, exe or scr files)

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