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MSME 8.5 ePO 5.3 Deployment migrate to Standalone

I have a MSME 8.5 for Exchange 2013 SP1 that was installed from my ePO 5.3 server. I'm thinking about removing the McAfee Agents from my network as well as the ePO server and want to transition the MSME to a standalone installation. Would I have to do a complete uninstall of the managed MSME and McAfee agents and then install MSME via the standalone installer on the Exchange server?


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Re: MSME 8.5 ePO 5.3 Deployment migrate to Standalone

On each Machine you can remove the "agent"  but leave the common updater components of the McAfee Framework Service.

C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\frminst.exe" /Remove=Agent /Silent  

Once removed autoupdate processes will still work but the product will retain the last policy supplied by ePO (new local changes then will not be written over by policy enforcement.

One thing to remember is that ePO provides update repositories and  ePO Agent Policy provides the access and site details for those repositories - this is where the product(s) update from and thes details are held locally in agent sitelist.xml .

Your last policy for the agent could be to have to redirect  autoupdate process away from ePO Repositories (as these will no longer be available) and direct them back to McAfeeHTTP and McAfeeFTP (these will be on the policy list in McAfee Agenmt Policy in ePO).

From then on you would need to make change to Sitelist policy in

Start - all progs - mcafee - msme - Edit Sitelist

OR if VSEalso installed - then VSE Console - Tools - Edit AutoUpdate Repository List

(both point to same autoupdate repository list as the McAfee Framework Service provides commonm updater  technology if both products are installed))

No real changes are required to MSME itself.

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