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MSME 8.5 Agent

Dear All,

I have Exchange 2016 with MSME 8.5 running, I have uninstalled MSME agents for virus and spam, and reinstalled them as shown in the following article.

McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to work with Transport Agents in Security for Microsoft Exchange 8.5, 8.0...

The transport agent  McAfeeTxIPAgent is no listed under backend transport agents, not under FrontEnd as it should. When I run get-transportagent command I get all three agents.

And when I run get-transportagent -TransportService Frontend  there is nothing displayed.

The McAfeeTxIPAgent showd be registered under Frontend, not back end. As result IP reputation is not working.

Can you please let me know how can I register McAfeeTxIPAgent under backend?

Thank you


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Reliable Contributor Aidan
Reliable Contributor
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Re: MSME 8.5 Agent

Can you confirm you have MSME 851 + MSME85P1HF1111610 + MSME85P1HF1144496??

Can you post the install-asagent.ps1 that is in your <msme install folder>\bin\E2007 Agents\ folder???  

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Re: MSME 8.5 Agent

Dear Aidan,

Yes we do have the folowing version running:

Please note that managed to solve the problem by uninstalling the agent first:

Uninstall-TransportAgent -Identity McAfeeTxIPAgent

And installing the agent manually under Front-end transport using the following command:

Install-TransportAgent -Name "McAfeeTxIPAgent" -TransportService FrontEnd -TransportAgentFactory "McAfee.E12Agents.McTxIPAgent.McAfeeTxIPAgentFactory" -AssemblyPath "C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\MSME\bin\E2007 Agents\McTxIPAgent.dll"

Ardian one more question, in terms of agent order, which of these two agent should be the first:



The first is for spam and second for virus-filtering, i assume that spam should be first?

Thank you


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