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Internal domain of MSME

I have installed McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange v7.6 on a Windows Server 2008 SP2 x64 running Exchange 2010 SP2.

I want to send a virus detection alert message to the recipient, when the recipient is in the same domain as the server.

How should I specify the internal domain of MSME?

The internal domain of MSME is same as the accepted domain of Microsoft Exchange 2010?

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Re: Internal domain of MSME

you don't need to specify an additional information.  all domains that are in the accepted domains list in exchange are seen as internal. 

Re: Internal domain of MSME

Thank you for the useful information.

I set the accepted domain list in Exchange but any domains are not seen as internal.

But, the only ActiveDirectory Domain is seen as internal.

Is any setup mistaken?

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