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Help Setting up MSMSE 7.6 (Quarentine) Local Database

Hi All,

I'm running MSMSE 7.6.7960.102 on Exchange 2003, I'm trying to understand how Quarrentine works on MSME.
I need some help to configure Local Quarantine Properly, I've attached a screenshot of my current setup, and i appreciate any feedback i can get configuring it properly.

Based on the current screenshot attached where would my quarentine folder be located on my Exchange Server?

MSME has detected about 20+ virus/unwated content and when i try to RELEASE or DOWNLOAD them (i only try release/download the EICAR test AV file) i get an Error that says "downloading or releasing a virus attachment is not supported".

How do i release a false positive/genuine file from quarentine if MSME makes an error?

I cant download or relase the EICAR AV test file or any .exe files from the local database.

Any Help Appreciated
Thanks Much!

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McAfee Employee tlange
McAfee Employee
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Re: Help Setting up MSMSE 7.6 (Quarentine) Local Database

the database would be created in the <install directory>\msme\data folder.  in that folder there will be a folder called msmedata and the db files are placed under this folder.

by default the program doesn't allow you to release/download items from the virus table.  there is a way you can change the behavior to allow for downloading an infected file but msme will never be able to release an email that has an infection in it.

if you absolutely have to get a file out of the virus table you can do the following to allow for downloads of infected items. 

open regedit to


create new dword called DownloadInfections

set value to 1

restart msme

also make sure that msme is up to date by applying msme 7.6 patch1, rollup2 and hf 904321.  all of which can be downloaded from the product download page under the Patches tab.

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Re: Help Setting up MSMSE 7.6 (Quarentine) Local Database

Thanks much for your response and clarity about MSME .. its Much Appreciated!

My current MSME Version is; 7.6.7960.102 Patch1;Rollup2

I dont remember if  "hf 904321" is installed but i will have a check and install it if its not already there..

Thanks Again

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