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Groupshield 7.01 RPCServ.exe memory leak


RPCServ.exe consumes memory at a constant rate. When it reaches about 450 MB, cluster admin becomes unresponsive, OWA clients have long connections times, etc. MSearch resource starts failing and we start seeing event:

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: W3SVC
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1010
Date: 7/15/2009
Time: 9:27:54 AM
User: N/A
A process serving application pool 'ExchangeApplicationPool' failed to respond to a ping. The process id was '7376'.

In our case we have also seen many postgres.exe using CPU each during this issue.
3 active 1 passive exchange 2003 SP2 cluster. Only two virtual servers are affected out of the 3.


Take Groupshield McAfee Resource offline and bring back online.

However, within 24 hours it is back to consuming too much memory and the workaround has to be repeated. :eek:

Is anyone seen this issue? Does anyone have a resolution for this?

Groupshield 7.0 Service Pack 1 (7.0.716.103) Hotfix – 447121
Anti-Virus Engine 5300.2777
Exchange 2003 SP2 - 3 active 1 passive cluster
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RE: Groupshield 7.01 RPCServ.exe memory leak

there is a hot fix out that should address the issue you are seeing. you will need to call into mcafee support to get it. hot fix 488686
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Hot Fix not existing

McAfee support says they have no record of this hot fix.
McAfee Employee tlange
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Re: Hot Fix not existing

hot fix 488686 is now posted to the mcafee product download site for groupshield 7.0 sp1.

McAfee Employee HS3
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Re: Hot Fix not existing

Hotfix can be downloaded from the McAfee Download page using the Active Grant Number.

Message was edited by: HS3 on 11/9/09 4:58 AM
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