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GS6 on SBS2003 - DAT Files Accumulating!


I'm working with a SBS2003 that has GroupShield 6 installed. I was running out of space on my boot drive when i noticed that on the folder where GS is installed had almost 2GB of old DAT files that are stored there. Do they need to be there? Is there any way I can configure GS so it deletes the old DAT files after a certain period of time? What options do I have? (besides incrementing my storage space)

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Purge dat files

Hello John,

When u need to get rid of these dat files, i recommend a batch file.
Within GS there is a file called purgeolddefinitions.exe (i mean its located in the bin (or it should be put there))

Run this from a dosbox with the number of dats you'd like to leave.

Example purgeolddefinitions 5 (leaves 5 former dat files) and cleanes out the rest.
If you schedule this weekly/daily the your server should be ok.
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RE: Purge dat files


i've the same Problem and already activated Purgeoldfiledefinitions on my SBS 2003 System. But the Dat files also appear in my C:\windows\temp Folder. Could someone give me a Tip how to solve this?

E. N
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