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Error 8004022d

We have an Exchange server that is giving us this error on the Groupshield product log The OnAccess (VSAPI) scanner failed to scan item " with error 80040022d".
I have removed Groupshield and VirusScan 8.5i at least twice, removed all reference to McAfee and Network Associates on the uninstall from C:\Docs and Setting and c:\Program files.

I even removed the entries for Network Associates and McAfee from \HKLM\Software\ from the registry. On the install everything look fine, we first installed AV 8.5i then GSE602 SP2, then ran the autoupdate and it all looked ok......but, if i opened the On-Access scanner setting, the scanner information was blank, even though Groupshield homepage displayed the same DAT and Engine version as AV 8.5i.

On further checking, the eservices entry was missing from \HKLM\Software\Network Associates\McAfee Groupshield\SystemState. i added this entry manually from a fresh build of Groupshield on another server, so now we see the version info on the on-access scanner, but it does'nt update when we do an autoupdate and we still see shed-loads of "The OnAccess (VSAPI) scanner failed to scan item " with error 80040022d"
I have scoured the forums for a fix forthis for the last week, and have tried numerous thing but all to no avail.

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RE: Error 8004022d

Have a lok at this KB, it looks like yours:

Re: Error 8004022d

Thanks for the reply,

Sorry I missed a step out on my instructions below. After installing AV 8.5i and then Groupshield 6.0.2 (SP2) I applied a recent SuperDat THEN did an autoupdate, so you would think it should work from this point forward, but no.

I even applied GSE602 patch1, as I think this had some mention to this error code, but for a slightly different symptom.

My gut is telling me this is some registry thing, as everything else has been removed/installed afresh

btw this server is not controlled by ePO.