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Custom ePO report to show MSDW hotfixes

Is there an easy way to write a custom ePO report to enable you to find what Security for Domino hotfixes are installed on servers?

I have ~150 servers running MSDW and would like to be able to product a quick report to see which ones are running what hotfixes. The aim is to try and get them all to a standard patching level before the release of Patch 1 to reduce my testing requirements.

Most reports within ePO appear to only allow the use of the standard product fields (Product Version, Dat Version, Engine Version & Language) which are displayed on the front page in the system properties. Unlike VSE, the hotfix field resides behind the "more" in the product properties making it slightly more troublesome.

Any assistance is appreciated.


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Re: Custom ePO report to show MSDW hotfixes

I'm looking into this but at the moment it doesn't look like there is a way to create a report through epo to get the info you are looking for.  

Re: Custom ePO report to show MSDW hotfixes

Thanks for looking. I do have a call open, but thought i would check and see if there was something i was missing.

It's really just 1 particular HF (586262) i want to proactively install to get servers up to standard.

I've got a way to install this HF without having to shutdown Domino; so think i'll just print out a list and start working my way through it in my "spare time".


Re: Custom ePO report to show MSDW hotfixes

Support have advised that unfortunately this is not currently achievable.

I have logged an FMR requesting this feature in future releases.

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