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Can I delete old DAT files from Groupshield?

They amount to about 1.8GB and we could do with some free space.

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Use PurgeOldDefinitions utility

See KB41146 on McAfee KnowledgeBase

McAfee GroupShield 6.0.2 for Microsoft Exchange 2000 includes a utility that helps manage this issue. The utility is called PurgeOldDefinitions.exe and is installed automatically with GroupShield 6.0.2.

To use the utility:

Click Start, Run, type cmd and click OK to open a command session.
Type CD \Program Files\NeworkAsociates\McAfee GroupShield\Bin and press ENTER.
At the prompt, type PurgeOldDefinitions <Number of DATS to be Retained> and press ENTER. (where <Number of DATS to be Retained> is a number)

For example, to retain only the two most recent DAT folders, excluding the current DAT folder, type
PurgeOldDefinitions 2 and press ENTER.
In addition to the <Number of DATS to be Retained> described above, additional options can be specified at the command line. These can be used as follows:
PurgeOldDefinitions <Number of DATS to be Retained> Options
Options : (Optional parameter) should be one of the three (GSE | SKE | BOTH) Defaults to BOTH
GSE : Retains only X definitions of Dats in the dat folder
SKE : Retains only X definitions of Rules & Engine in the corresponding folder
BOTH : Retains only X definitions of Dats,Rules & Engine in the corresponding folder.

This utility can also be scheduled to run using Windows scheduler. For more details, please refer to Chapter 5 of the McAfee GroupShield 6.0.2 release guide.

RE: Use PurgeOldDefinitions utility

Great thanks! I will try it.

But a quick one, why would we want to keep anything but the most recent DAT file?
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