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Average scan time


There is a report in epo for performance on groupshield. From the image, are those number normal ? Does it realy take 1,8 second per mail for scanning ? The other one is the secondary ail server, that see less traffic. I do suppose that those number are in ms !

1804 ms , it look to me that it is taking quite a while...

any thought ? Is there a way to speed thing up ?


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Re: Average scan time

that report doesn't give an accurate measure of how groupshield is really scanning.  groupshield will typically scan a item in a couple ms.  however, there are times when we get large complicated files like zips with multiple levels and it could take groupshield seconds or minutes to finish scanning that file.  this isn't a problem because we are multi-threaded so while that thread is tied up the other threads are still processing mail.  what it will do though is skew the numbers for the time that groupshield sent the info to epo. 

if you want to get an accurate picture of how fast groupshield is processing mail then you will want to get perfmon data from the server.

is this a mailbox server you are pulling the data from?


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